Weight Loss?  Better Sleep?  More Energy?  Less Pain?  Simply More Wellness?

Give me 30 days.  30 days to show you how much Mindset, Menu, and Movement matter.  30 days to help you explore your health potential.  Let me show you how your destiny doesn’t have to be poor health, illness, and disease.  Will 30 days of wellness cure your every ailment, make you an Olympic athlete, or return you to your ideal weight?  Of course not, and any program you see claiming such should be avoided!  What the 30 day reset program will do is give you a solid start in achieving those goals, show you how true wellness is possible for you, and give you the tools you need to live a wellness lifestyle.  Give me 30 days, and I’ll show you your potential.

“…78% of our healthcare costs are caused by lifestyle and environmental factors—namely our diet, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, chronic stress, and environmental toxins.”

-Hyman et al. Altern Ther Health Med. 2009;15(6):12-14.

“Our ancestors' lifestyles transformed from wandering hunter-gatherers to sedentary consumers of more than they needed to survive. Many studies link today's prevalence of metabolic syndrome (diabetes, obesity, and cardio- and cerebrovascular diseases) in developed countries with this historic change in human behavior.”

-Collins, C. Nurs Forum. 2007 Jan-Mar;42(1):39-44.

“This result indicates that, for nearly all sites, the twin of a person with cancer has only a moderate absolute risk of having cancer at the same site.” “We conclude that the overwhelming contributor

to the causation of cancer in the populations of twins

that we studied was the environment.”

-Lichtenstein, P et al. New England J of Medicine. 2000;343(2):78-85.

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30 Day Reset

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