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As humans we used to be able to get all the probiotic bacteria we need through our environment and our food intake.  With the advent of chemical sprays for food, and the significant steps we’ve taken as a society with sanitation and hygiene; the natural and healthy bacteria we are meant to carry in our bodies is lacking or displaced with less beneficial species.  We have 10 times as many bacteria cells in our intestines as we have human cells in our body, so this is no small issue.6  This fact has led some researchers to say we are more bacteria than we are human!

It has been shown that many of us are not only deficient in normal probiotic bacteria, but that the normal ratio of different species of bacteria is out of balance in our systems, and this can lead to numerous health problems.6  Because of these facts, supplementation with probiotics and/or fermented foods like sauerkraut is now warranted.

6. Bengmark, S. “Immunonutrition: Role of…” Nutrition 1998;14:585-594.