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McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy

The Mckenzie Method is an exercise based approach of assessment, diagnosis, and treatment intended for management of all musculoskeletal complaints including back, neck, or extremity pain. This method aims to identify a specific exercise that results in fast improvement in symptoms and function. A simple home exercise program is given so treatment does not stop when you leave the clinic.

Soft Tissue Treatment

Various forms of soft tissue treatment are provided at HCWC including instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization and myofascial release techniques. These detect and correct soft tissue dysfunction that impair normal motion and cause pain. This also aids in regulation of tissue tone and re-initiates the healing process.

Functional Rehab

Functional Rehab is a term that encompasses many types of therapy that are integrated to achieve better function and reduce pain. Interventions are primarily based in therapeutic exercise, but also include neuromuscular reeducation/stretching, neurodynamics, and myofascial release. You will be shown individualized exercises or activities that can be done at home to ensure that your recovery is as efficient as possible.

Along with chiropractic care, applying additional therapies may be beneficial, or even essential to achieve maximum results. Whether we need to correct a significant dysfunction or bust through a plateau in recovery, we have another avenue of treatment to get you back to a pain free and healthy lifestyle. This may come in the form of stretches or exercises, soft tissue work, or simple patient education and advice. Whatever it may be, HCWC will appropriately and seamlessly incorporate it into your care.

Common Conditions Treated