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Wellness Consultations

Sustainable weight loss, less fatigue, less pain, more restful sleep, remission of autoimmune conditions, and better management or resolution of metabolic diseases like diabetes are just some of what you can expect from the consultations offered by Dr. Adam.  Modern research, clear logic, and countless case studies show us that the underlying causes of our chronic illness pandemic are lifestyle choices.  Dr. Adam will guide you through the process of lifestyle change necessary to get you and keep you well!

Consultation with Dr. Adam

After you finish an extensive intake process consisting of an online questionnaire and numerous quizzes, Dr. Adam will evaluate your results and identify the lifestyle factors in need of attention.  You will then be eligible to schedule your 30 minute consultation at our center.  Dr. Adam will formulate strategies to help address those lifestyle factors revealed by answers, and have them ready for your review at the consultation.  The consultation time is yours to ask questions and discuss ideas with Dr. Adam on how to move towards more optimal health.  This individualized approach allows for more successful and sustainable lifestyle change, as each person is coming from a unique situation and background.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost?                 How do I sign up?                Does my insurance cover?

The consultations are                -Call us at (402) 291-2580             -Your insurance does not

            $150                                  or email us at                          cover the consultations

                              wellness@hoogeveenchiropractic.com     just like your car insurance

                                                                                               doesn’t cover oil changes.

                                                                                                 Your health is worth it!