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Wellness Lifestyle Resources

Books                                              Websites                                            Podcasts

The Wellness and                           Nebraska Food Cooperative                      Revolution Health Radio

Prevention Paradigm

                                                      Omaha Farmers Market                            

The Primal Blueprint

                                                          Dr. Loren Cordain                                The Paleo Solution

The Paleo Diet


Omnivore’s Dilemma

                                                              Robb Wolf                                        

Timeless Healing

                                                            Chris Kresser             

The Paleo Solution

                                                         Marks Daily Apple                                  Wellness Blogs

The Biology of Belief

                                                               Cross Fit                                        Nom Nom Paleo


                                                        Dr. James Chestnut                                  Primal Palate

Wheat Belly

                                                             MovNat.com                                  Whole Health Source

Good Calories, Bad Calories

                                                        Do Some Research!                                    Gnolls.org

The Perfect Health Diet

                                                             eatwild.com                                 Mary Dean Eades, M.D.  

Your Personal Paleo Code


    Recipe books


Well Fed


Everyday Paleo


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I frequently receive requests for more information on wellness topics like where to buy food, how to learn more about nutrition/fitness, and plenty more.  It became apparent that a wellness resource page would be helpful!  So, here is a small collection of some of my favorite web and print resources on healthy living!